The Bones of Who We Are: It's time.

It’s here! Tomorrow - Tuesday - October 1, 2019, The Bones of Who We Are is out. It’s been an arduous (thought fulfilling) adventure, and I couldn’t be more excited and proud of this story. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Gabe’s journey, so be sure to post a review to Amazon, share it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I’m looking forward to it.

[This story is] emotional and thought provoking. We all need a hand in finding the beauty within.
— Advance Reader
Martha and Dale . . .they smile laughing and dancing to music only they can hear. I’m at the dining table watching them and for a split second, I allow myself to think about a future I’ve never considered before...
— Gabe, The Bones of Who We Are

The Bones of Who We Are: Gabe Facts

REMINDER: Gabe’s a poet. This is one of his poems about hope

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Five more facts about Gabe

  1. His favorite music anything that makes him feel which means the lyrics have to be meaningful. It makes sense. He’s a poet after all.

  2. Gabe’s favorite food is food. He’ll eat pretty much anything (which if you asked him probably goes back to his childhood and always being hungry).

  3. He’s complicated, but not in the it-gives-me-an-excuse-to-be-a-jerk kind of way. He’s got a past that has shaped his perspective and is trying to navigate while at the same time being stuck in the quicksand of high school.

  4. He’s the strong, silent type, but that doesn’t mean he won’t talk. He’s actually pretty funny, which Abby finds out in Swimming Sideways.

  5. Gabe LOVES sports, especially basketball (which he’s really good at).

The Bones of Who We Are: Aesthetic

I love Gabe. He’s the moody, brooding hero, and his story explores the why of his emotional journey. But his story needs a trigger warning. He’s dealing with some dark stuff (with support), so in the forward, I’ve provided an escape hatch for readers in case they aren’t in the head space to read it.

As I’ve been writing In The Wait: A Companion to Swimming Sideways and The Ugly Truth, (published to Wattpad or look for a new installment each Wednesday here) I’ve had more clarity about Gabe’s journey which I hope readers will be able to see as well.

I created this aesthetic to provide a visual reflection of Gabe’s story.

The Bones of Who We Are Mood Board

The Bones of Who We Are Mood Board