The Hate U Give (Consumers Unite!)

My husband and I love to watch movies. It’s our thing. We watch at least one a week and more often than not, two or three. This week we watched The Hate U Give.


When I walk into the movie theater, I hope: I’ll be entertained, enjoy a story, and, if I’m lucky, maybe it will offer a new perspective. Usually, I’ll get one or two of these. I’ll be entertained, but the story needs some work. Sometimes I’ll be presented with an idea to chew on, but more often than not (especially lately) the movies have really just been about entertainment and little else. Empty calories, so to speak.

Since this movie originated from a young adult novel by the same name (written by Angie Thomas), I am so happy to report that The Hate U Give hit all of the hopes (entertaining, poignant story and perspective builder) including giving all the feels.

When I left the movie theater - besides continuing to cry because I was so moved - I thought: that is a movie that people need to see. This is a movie that as consumers, we need to support to showcase our influence, and to communicate our desires for original content, relevant story, a more representative presentation of American culture, among other things.

Go watch this movie. You won’t be disappointed.

My husband begrudgingly posed for this picture.

My husband begrudgingly posed for this picture.